City Information on Seismic survey

City staff has been made aware of concerns by some residents who did not receive sufficient notification of seismic survey work being conducted in their neighborhoods.

The companies that received permits to conduct seismic testing are responsible for notifying residents in these areas; however, it's clear that many of you didn't receive that notification. While we're told the companies are redoubling their communication efforts, here's some info that might be helpful:

·         The city permitted this seismic survey work, including the geophone equipment being placed in city rights of way (in or near your yard) and along city-maintained roads.

·         These companies are also performing seismic surveys in Brazos County and previously did so within the City of Bryan.

·         As the companies' materials describe, seismic surveys are geologic surveys of subsurface formations for oil and gas exploration. Geophones are safe, passive receivers that require no electricity and should be removed from your neighborhood within two to four weeks.

·         City right of way often extends about 11 feet behind the curb. Geophone receivers would be placed within this space.

·         City ordinance prohibits the vibroseis trucks (used to send brief sound waves into the earth) from doing work in city-owned rights of way.

·         Some private property owners may have contracted to allow sourcing on their private property.

Should you want to contact the seismic survey companies directly:

ITM                 800.492.0368

Dawson           800.332.9766

If you have additional questions, please contact College Station Planning & Development Services during business hours Monday-Friday at 979.764.3570.