Seismic Survey

Dawson Geophysical is conducting a 100 square mile 3D seismic survey in Brazos County. They have a city permit to layout their equipment in city ROW. Tampering with or stealing these devices is considered a felony. The purpose of this survey is to image geological formations to aid in any future drilling for oil and gas. They are placing the recording devices in city ROW. They are placed in a grid pattern across a 100 square mile project. These devices have already been laid out in the right of way by the streets and will be down 3-4 weeks (weather permitting.) They request landowners to work around them if they have to mow. If you have any questions regarding the devices, please contact Jeff Seay with ITM at 817-919-8585 or

Please see the attached photograph of the devices.

Seismic Devices.png65.49 KB