Handheld Device while Driving Ban

Neighborhood News:
Handheld Device While Driving Ban begins Nov. 9

Good Afternoon All,
Attached and below are items to help promote the City of College Station's mobile device driving ordinance that goes into effect Nov. 9. We need help informing students, their parents, residents and visitors. We need help from our citizens to  spread the word and share this information with neighbors and friends. Any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  Feel free share and use these tools however you see fit.
Also, we've partnered with Safe2Save (http://safe2save.org), a free smart phone app that rewards drivers for not using their cell phone while driving. Minutes of safe driving turn into points, and points can be redeemed for free or discounted items at several popular local eateries and retailers. http://facebook.com/safe2save

Video links to share::
  1. Police Chief Scott McCollum (2:51):http://bit.ly/2dGE8rq
  2. College Student (:30): http://bit.ly/2ey00qg
  3. Young Mom (:30): http://bit.ly/2f9mm2c
Also, for Frequently Asked Questions on the ban, please visit: www.cstx.gov/police or call CSPD non-emergency number at 764-3600.

Barbara Moore
Neighborhood Services Coordinator
1101 Texas Avenue
College Station, TX 77842

Update: Greens Prarie Trail Widening Project

  TXDOT’s contractor Knife River plans to begin work on the improvements at the intersection of Greens Prairie Trail & FM 2154 on October 24th. The scope of TXDOT’s project includes adding right and left turn lanes on FM 2154 at the intersection in both the north and south direction. As well as changing the vertical grades of the intersection to help accommodate a smooth transition over the new railroad crossing. The project manager for the TXDOT project is Connie Flickinger.

Also, Greens Prairie Trail between I&GN and FM 2154 and the new railroad crossing  are planned to be opened for use on October 25th. With the opening of Greens Prairie Trail the traffic signal at the intersection with FM 2154 will become active and Brazos County will close the railroad crossing at Straub Road on October 26th. With the new signal coming on line I would request that everyone use caution when approaching the intersection from all approaches and obey the commands of the signal. The vehicles along FM 2154 will have to get used to being mandated to stop at this intersection as well as seeing cross traffic from a 4 leg intersection. 



The City’s contractor Hassell Construction will begin to place traffic control for phase 1 of the widening project on Monday, October 3rd. With the placement of traffic control along Greens Prairie Trail from FM 2154 to Royder Road. Construction activities will begin immediately on the outside sections of the proposed roadway. Click on the link provided below where you can access the full set of plans. The duration of the project is 9 months and the anticipated completion date is July 2017.


For those who have mail boxes along Greens Prairie Trail, the contractor will be temporarily relocating them to the northwest corner of the Flagstone & Greens Prairie Trail so that the mail currier can access them.

As the project progresses we will provide updates when there are  major construction items that will change the effect of the project for the community (Phase Switch, Road Closures, etc.).

The Sheriff's Office Needs your Help!

PLEASE READ: Important Message from the Brazos County Crime Prevention Deputy Nathan Dennis

The Sheriff's Office has recently experienced a rise in reports of burglaries. During this time each year we tend to see increases in home burglaries, as more houses are unoccupied during daytime hours.

A current strategy for these thieves is to knock on the doors of a residence to check if anyone is home. If someone does answer the door the subject may ask for directions, or say they are looking for a certain person. If this happens to you, please lock the door and gather as much informaton on the subject and call your local Police Department or Sheriff's Office to report the incident.

The Sheriff's Office hs also seen an increase in vehichle burglaries. In most cases the vehichles that were burglarized were unlocked. We ask that you take all valuable items out of your vehichle and always lock it. If possible park your vehichle in a lighted area. Help us by being the eyes and ears of your Sheriff's Office.

If you see suspicious activity, contact 9-1-1 and report your concerns. The safety of our community does not have borders. It is the goal of every law enforcement agency to protect the citizens that they serve.

Reember... together we can make a difference in our community!

Castlegate II Event Center

Castlegate II Event Center

The Holidays are around the corner book your next event

Anniversary Celebration

Baby Shower

Birthday Party

Bridal Shower

Graduation Celebration

Holiday Party


Office Meeting

Contact Event Coordinator, Amy

Office: 979-450-0757

Email: events@castlegateiievents.com

The Event Center at Castlegate II can comfortably host your event with seating of over 140 guests and is equipped with a large kitchen, sound system, wall mounted flat screen TV for presentations and slide shows with large windows overlooking the patio and lake. Please visit the website here for further information about booking the Event Center at Castlegate II. 

We look forward to hosting your next event! 

Castlegate II Aquatic Center

Castlegate II Aquatic Center

Resident & Non-Resident Applications will be available, Spring 2018.

Stay tuned for more information.

**Closed for the season**

Burglaries of Motor Vehicles


Brazos County Sherriff's Office Warns Residents of Burglaries of Motor Vehicles.

See attached

Recycling Collection Schedule

Good Afternoon Neighbors!

Attached is the latest recycling collection schedule. Please look for your street name on the schedule to confirm your collection day. Some of the collection days may have changed over the past few weeks and we want to be sure that you have the most recent information on collection days. If you have any questions regarding recycling visit cstx.gov/recycle or email them to the recycling staff at recycle@cstx.gov .


Barbara Moore, MPA

City of College Station

Neighborhood Services Coordinator


City of College Station
Home of Texas A&M University ®

Seismic Survey

Dawson Geophysical is conducting a 100 square mile 3D seismic survey in Brazos County. They have a city permit to layout their equipment in city ROW. Tampering with or stealing these devices is considered a felony. The purpose of this survey is to image geological formations to aid in any future drilling for oil and gas. They are placing the recording devices in city ROW. They are placed in a grid pattern across a 100 square mile project. These devices have already been laid out in the right of way by the streets and will be down 3-4 weeks (weather permitting.) They request landowners to work around them if they have to mow. If you have any questions regarding the devices, please contact Jeff Seay with ITM at 817-919-8585 or jseay64@aol.com.

Please see the attached photograph of the devices.

City Information on Seismic survey

City staff has been made aware of concerns by some residents who did not receive sufficient notification of seismic survey work being conducted in their neighborhoods.

The companies that received permits to conduct seismic testing are responsible for notifying residents in these areas; however, it's clear that many of you didn't receive that notification. While we're told the companies are redoubling their communication efforts, here's some info that might be helpful:

·         The city permitted this seismic survey work, including the geophone equipment being placed in city rights of way (in or near your yard) and along city-maintained roads.

·         These companies are also performing seismic surveys in Brazos County and previously did so within the City of Bryan.

·         As the companies' materials describe, seismic surveys are geologic surveys of subsurface formations for oil and gas exploration. Geophones are safe, passive receivers that require no electricity and should be removed from your neighborhood within two to four weeks.

·         City right of way often extends about 11 feet behind the curb. Geophone receivers would be placed within this space.

·         City ordinance prohibits the vibroseis trucks (used to send brief sound waves into the earth) from doing work in city-owned rights of way.

·         Some private property owners may have contracted to allow sourcing on their private property.

Should you want to contact the seismic survey companies directly:

ITM                 800.492.0368

Dawson           800.332.9766

If you have additional questions, please contact College Station Planning & Development Services during business hours Monday-Friday at 979.764.3570.

Irrigation Information from the City of College Station

  • For information on rainfall in your neighborhood and suggested watering times, please visit the Brazos Valley Water Smart website at http://bvwatersmart.tamu.edu . You can also sign up for free weekly emails from this website.

Chapter 7, Section 1, paragraph A:

Stagnant water prohibited.

It shall be unlawful for any person who owns or occupies any house, building, establishment, lot, or yard in the City to permit or allow holes, places, or containers where water may accumulate and become stagnant.

Chapter 11, Section 9, Paragraph H (2) c reads: (c)

The following uses constitute a waste of water and are prohibited:

(i)                  Allowing water to run off a property or allowing water to pond in the street or parking lot.

(ii)                Operating an irrigation system with sprinkler heads that are broken or out of adjustment.

(iii)               Failure to repair a controllable leak(s) within a reasonable period after having been given notice directing the repair of such leak(s).

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