There has been a car key fob turned into our office. It was found on the sidewalk near the Castlegate Dr. and Victoria intersection. Please contact our office at 979-690-2330 or if you believe this might be yours.

Save the Date!!

Castlegate’s Spring Festival

Sunday, April 7th from 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Congratulations to the 2018 Yard of the Month winners!!

December Holiday Lights Showcase
2100 Rockcliff Loop
2419 Norham
4401 Edinburg

4404 Alnwick Ct.
2411 Norham Dr.
2415 Newark Cr.

October Fall Showcase
2245 Rockingham Loop
4310 Berwick Place
2478 Newark Circle

2315 Carisbrooke
4225 Colchester Ct
2409 Norham Dr.

2477 Newark Cr
4417 Amberley Pl
4403 Alnwick Ct

2212 Rockingham Lp
2115 Rockcliffe Lp
2245 Rockingham Lp

2206 Brougham Pl
4203 Ludlow Ln
2401 Stone Castle Cr

4404 Amberley Pl
2255 Rockingham Lp
2126 Rockcliffe Lp

4408 Crayke Pl
4407 Edinburgh Pl
2487 Newark Cr

2471 Newark Cr
2422 Stone Castle Cr
4304 Parnell Dr

4409 Longthorpe Ct
2389 Kendal Green Cr
4201 Conway Ct

2065 Ravenstone Lp
4418 Edinburgh Pl
2445 Newark Cr



We have received several inquiries about the recent damage to the Castle office at the entrance off Greens Prairie Rd.  The Castle office is leased by the Castlegate developer.  His office is working with the insurance company of the responsible party to have this repaired.  They have found the correct rock and received quotes to repair it.  They are currently waiting on a response from the insurance company. We will keep you informed of the progress as we receive updates from the developer’s office.


Please keep an eye out for a black toy poodle weighing about 4-5 pounds. The puppy got out of its owner’s backyard on Appleby on October 4, 2018. If you find it or have any information please call 979.777.2992.

See attached photo of the dog for reference.


We have found army worms that are invading the grass in the back pond and also in some common areas. We are having those areas treated, but if any resident should see brown patches in their yards, that might be a good sign that it must be treated. We were informed by Greener Images that these worms will take over in 48 hours in a yard if not treated.

All residents will need to maintain their own yards, and we will take care of the common areas.

See attached photo.

The City of College Station is hosting another Sprinkler Spruce-Up Workshop.
Saturday, August 4th
9:30 AM – 12:00 PM

The workshop will be held at the College Station Utilities Meeting & Training Facility, 1603 Graham Road.
This workshop will advise homeowners on how to properly operate their sprinkler systems, and how much water is actually needed.

Please see the attached flyer for more details.

Sprinkler Spruce Up - 2018