The Gardens of Castlegate

Welcome to The Gardens of Castlegate! The Gardens is a gated realm within the Castlegate Community.

Board of Directors

President: Todd Carnes

VP/ Secretary: Cheryl Brown

Treasurer: Tom Melia

Please file all concerns with your directors. The directors are in charge of all maintenance and repairs in The Gardens community.

The Gardens CCRs Second Amended & Restated6.29 MB
Gardens HOA Bylaws1.15 MB
Plat Map56.93 KB
9-2016 Jan-Sept P&L32.85 KB
12-2016 Jan-Dec P&L33.33 KB
9-2016 Balance Sheet Cash Jan-Sept31.68 KB
12-2016 Balance Sheet Cash Jan-Dec32.36 KB
2017 Budget104.14 KB
2017 Budget Description147.8 KB
Certificate of Insurance 2017-201819.93 KB
Budget Comparison 3-31-17111.21 KB
Budget Comparison 6-30-17111.33 KB
3 - Jan-March P&L 31.51 KB
6 - Jan-June P&L 32.85 KB
3 - Jan-March Balance Sheet Cash 31.83 KB
6 - Jan-June Balance Sheet Cash32.01 KB